Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Neighbors May NOT Know His Name...

So, as I'm writing this blog I am on the phone with one of my good friends. Probably the most reckless male you will ever meet. During this conversation the topic of talking during sex came up (No, we do not engage in such activities with each other... he's a slore but I love him like the brother I never wanted). He prefers to remain silent during sex. He feels the need to bee "cool" in ALL of his. This includes sex as well. His theory is that if he says too much, he'll seem like a cornball. His example (and I quote) "I don't wanna be in the room talking about 'oohhh pu*#y, pu#&y... yeah, yeah, ohhh this is wet, wet, dripping wet... oh yeah.. Pu&@y!!!" (there was laughter). Now, maybe it's just me but women (again, I can only speak for me) want to hear a little reaction other than breath. I stop acting like a deaf mute because you want to be cool. Some of us, need a little motivation. We wanna if we are doing a good job... granted, please don't ask me 21 questions, I didn't sign up for a quiz. Don't say things that are obvious, or just plain corny. Don't ask me your, you already know. Don't ask me who it belongs because it's mine... I live with it everyday, I think I deserve ownership. Also, guys, STOP being opposed to text sex... it's healthy! lol

Just for shits and giggles... I found 101 dirty talk examples... some made laugh, others made me cry but none the less entertaining:


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