Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If You Blink, He'll Cheat

My friends are SO reckless.. There are nothing but jerks in my life and I guess that's what makes my life so interesting. Well, this weekend... I got the call with the mother of all fuckery! My friend, we'll call him "Peanut" (it's a well thought out analysis of why we're calling him that), calls me and tells me... Are you ready? A girl that he met at a birthday party about a week or two ago was at the same party he was at on Saturday. A little back story on this girl: They were both REALLY drunk at the birthday and started getting a little frisky. Needless to say, two drunk people feeling each other up in public isn't a good look... ESPECIALLY when there are SEVERAL friends of the guy's girlfriend in the vicinity. As soon as the party is over, "Peanut's" girlfriend already knows what happened. She forgives him... Fast forward to Saturday. He sees the girl that almost cost him his relationship and they start up again because once again, they're drunk. While he's out and about being a slut... his girlfriend is back at his house, WAITING for her loving boyfriend. (ohhhh it gets better) After things get hot and heavy enough, he takes the girl back to his GIRLFRIEND'S HOUSE... flips over ALL of the pictures that are all over the house and tells the chick that he's house sitting for his sister. Takes the girl down on his girl's bed. Oh, but no worries... he was polite. He laid a blanket down. LOL... THIS is why I don't trust men! Yall are always up to NO GOOD!

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