Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Can't Win

So, I've just had an epiphany. I've realized that the guys that I wouldn't ordinarily date don't take me seriously because they are convinced I am always gonna be up to something, on the prowl, or just up and leave. Then, the guys who "look" like I am supposed to date them are always IMMATURE! This shit is sad but funny. For example there was a guy I dated on and off for a little while and he was convinced I was always with someone else when I didn't answer my phone or whenever I canceled on him. He w0uld always say, "I don't wanna know about the other guys" but truthfully there was never really anyone else. He was sort of a cool nerd or something. Actually just a very "Average Joe." Every guy didn't know him and every girl hasn't slept with him. Not a lot of drama but there was always that "she's with someone else" mentality that he had because of how I looked and carried myself. I want you to feel lucky you got me but DAMNNNN, chill. ARRRGGG... Then lets go to the opposite end of the spectrum. There is the sarcastic ass that can actually HANDLE all that is ME but in true fashion, he wants to handle me and every other girl. His life is just too much. Too many groupies, both male and female or just immature. This only leads to issues... therefore, I can't win for losing. There is no happy medium! An intelligent, smartass doesn't exist. You know, one that's mature but hasn't lost his "bad boy" edge. I think I need some play-doh to create him. I guess I want a super villain with super hero tendencies. I'll let yall know how this turns out

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