Friday, March 12, 2010

Dreams can FEEL so REAL...

Soooo I just heard THEEE funniest thing on the EARTH! My friend told me about this dream she had and I HAD to share with you guys! So apparently she was having a dream that felt so real that she didn't know it was a dream until she woke up. So lets put you in her mind set:

She's in an unknown room with her co-worker and oddly, the room has a bed. I say oddly because she has a boyfriend. So, she's in this room and all of a sudden they begin to have sex. She said he was giving it to her like she has NEVER had it before. So they are getting it in, nails scratching the headboard, face in the pillows, sheets coming off the bed and all kinds of elbow &knee burns. So as he's giving her this PHENOMENAL sex she has the most explosive orgasm of her entire LIFE!

Apparently she came so hard that it woke her up only to find out, not only was it a dream but the orgasmic lady juices were none of the such. In fact she didn't cum at all... she PEED herself because (and I quote) "it felt so real... I thought I was really having sex!" LMFAOOOO... Word to the wise, never cum so hard from a dream where you pee the bed at 25! I think the worst part is, the best sex of her life wasn't even real! CLASSIC

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