Saturday, February 27, 2010

You have questions... I have answers

So, after reading last weeks posts, I've got a few questions to my facebook inbox that I found to be pretty funny. I know most of the people who read my blog aren't listed as followers so, to show that I don't love you any less, I am going to answer the questions... well, most of them... some were WILD rude and I'm not telling that much of my bedroom business (just know, whatever I do, I do it well). So on with the show:

Do you watch porn? If so, which ones?

(Keep in mind, I died laughing behind this shit) YES, I do... I said I did in a previous post. I watch all kinds... If you're referring to the sites, mostly because I can watch it from my phone. I don't recommend anyone look through my downloaded videos on my phone unless you're looking for a show.

Do you masturbate?

(Another one I almost coughed up a lung laughing) YES. As a matter of fact I've broken a few vibrators and almost snapped my wrist once (not even sure HOW that happened... it was late and I was tired)

Do you cook? Clean?

(I figured this was for someone looking for a wife) I do cook. I have a second family in Houston who only wants me to come up there all the time for these damn shrimp tacos I make, and could careless about anything else I can make because apparently they were that good. Clean? Of course. As much as I bad mouth nasty women... hell yeah! If I spend the night at your house, please believe I am looking for the sponge to clean the tub out before I hop in that bitch.

What is your favorite sex song?

Ummm lol... I know the CORRECT answer is something by Sade or something there is a little hoodrat who lives inside of me who wouldn't a little "Toss It Up by Tupac" lmfaoooooo hahahahahahahah, dead ass serious though (not EVERYTIME though)

What's your favorite position?

First let me say this: In "Invented Sex" the remix, Keri Hilson said "... missionary's no good" BUT if you do it RIGHT how can missionary be bad? If you need to be sitting Indian Style on the night stand upside down for it to be goo, one of the two of yall (3 in some cases, I've heard stories lol) or everybody involved CAN'T F&#K... with that said, ALL of em, just don't jack rabbit pump me or you will be asked to get your shit and leave for an ETERNITY

So, those were the five questions I chose to answer. Hope the answers were appeasing. Also keep in mind that, just because I answered your questions DOES NOT mean that you will be having sexual relations with me in the near or far future. Oh, and to answer the 6th question (Can you create an email that we can send topics and questions to you, anonymously?) Yes, I will... When I create it, I will post it.

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