Saturday, February 13, 2010


As some of you know and those of you who don't I moved to New Orleans. So, as I currently live out here, I've become a "Who Dat" (Saint's fan for the anti- sports fans). Now, I thought LA went hard for the Lakers until I saw a city that bled BLACK AND GOLD. They will seriously DIE for this shit out here, well, rather, they'll KILL for it. Don't come around here talking about the Colts, you may get lynched (I guess that's neither here nor there since they won but I'm gonna speak on prior activities). Everytime I turned on the radio there was a Saint's song. They went so far as to change Miley Cyrus' song "Party in the USA." Whenever she says "...and a Britney song was onnnnn" it says "... and a WHO DAT song was onnnnnnn." WILD!!! When they finally did win... OMG the city was ROCKING. I saw girls on cars (yes, ON) dancing like strippers. I wish one of my friends would put her damn feet on the roof of my car. I'd hit the breaks so hard that heffa wouldn't dare dance EVER. And it was EVERYWHERE. Guys were bold walking up to cars dancing. People were drunk as hell walking IN the streets. See, they can do that because A) public shitfacedness is legal out here and B) the streets were so gridlocked NOBODY was whizzing down the road. It was all funny til this drunk ass hit like EVERY car on the bridge. We're over the Mississippi River, not how I wanna die... thanks! Long story short... everyone here is crazy!

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