Monday, February 15, 2010

Stuck In My Head

A while back before he was the man we all knew today, Robin Thicke (who just went by Thicke back then) made a song called "When I Get You Alone." There was a video and all. He was just some scruffy guy riding around on a bike through the city with really long hair. Well, the song has been stuck in my head ALL day and I must say there is a few solid bars that are pretty.... we'll just call them "interesting." My personal favorite:

"On my house, on my job, on my loot, my shoes, my crew, my mom and my father's last name.... When I get you alone... WHEN I GET YOU ALONE."

This is that "PASSION" (yes, capitals are a must) I was referring to in the previous blog. The type of "PASSION" where you swear on EVERYTHING you're entitled to that it's going DOWN as SOON as you get the chance. This man swore on his funds, friends and family dynasty that as soon as he got his chick (now his wife) alone. *church hand in the air aka that "amen" hand* Go on Robin!!!

1 comment:

  1. i have the fucking SINGLE!!!! went into my pple mom & pop and wanted to buy it and he threw it at me "u would like this wack shit" im like whatttt this shit gets me amp... now look!!!! thicke as robin thicke. i luv it