Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Sexless Choice

Alot of people have been asking me about my choice to NOT have sex until I find a significant other... Well I guess what I wrote wasn't blunt enough sooooo here we go. Don't judge me after this, but hell, yall probably judge me anyway:

I have a sex drive that I have yet to find a match for... so instead of bouncing on which ever penis I see, I only want to consistently bounce on one. I don't want JUST a sex partner because at any given time this person, or myself can decide.... I no longer want to just have sex with just you... I'm gonna add to my line up OR they can get mad and now there are stories about what I did, can do or wanted to do (FYI: NEVER release the video footage to the other party... I've seen it come back to bite too many people in the ass. Keep your pictures and footage in YOUR possesion... that's for the ladies). When there is trust... there is PASSION, not just sex. Sex is just two people bumpin pelvises in a few positions... the PASSION is when you lose shit. You don't know why the bed is by the closet, you don't know what happened to your left shoe, there are picture frames falling off the wall, someone has to call the other persons' phone and you find it UNDER the TV stand or something, there are ripped items of clothing you can't explain how or why they are ripped, you wake up in half of your Halloween costume from two years ago... this is what TRUST is... I could go on but you all get the point. Now, I think that should cover the jist as to why I am choosing to wait

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