Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jay- Z comes to NOLA

For my sister's birthday, she got tickets to the Jay-Z concert and we had the BEST time ever. Really funny because she is the biggest Jay-Z fan on earth. She isn't one of the groupie types, I mean hard core fan. You can go bar for bar with her all the back to Reasonable Doubt. She was sooooo hype when he came out! She almost knocked me down!

Trey Songz opened the show and he did such a great job. He can sing is ass off. I've always thought he was a lil cute but he is REALLY handsome in person. I was actually shocked! But when I tell you that man can see somebody out of their panty draws, I mean it. He coulda sang me outta mine. Not to have sex tho, he can just have em and let me go on about my life (my loins have an urge for someone else, in real life... NOPE, I'm not telling! He might read this on the low... lol). I think the funniest part had to be the moment Trey stepped on stage. Every girl RUSHED the front. I looked back and saw like 30 chicks running down the stairs looking like a slutty avalanche. I'd been wondering why the women had on mini dresses at a hip-hop concert, it all made sense after that. They wanted to be the one who was "Goin' home with Triggaaaaa"

Jeezy came out and did his thing in the middle of Hov's set and he had the whole arena MOVING. Everybody looked like they were about to go rob a bank after the show let out. He didn't do my verse from "Hood Nigga" (that's my drunk in the club song). Usually when that verse comes on in the club I'm the ONLY girl, with a Cosmo in hand screaming "Bitch what's happenin' known to get it crackin..." (I told you, there is a little hoodrat who lives inside of me). He did do my other song though "Hold up wait one muthafuckin' minute" I think I really love the way he starts his verses off because he's so RUDE!

Long story short. Jay-Z was DOPE... he didn't too many old joints but it's all good. "Want my old shit? Buy my old album" I pointed out the bounce in the car and made the song cry on the way home.

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