Saturday, February 13, 2010

If You Don't...

... somebody else will

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize in advance about the over sexed-ness of my blog BUT these are just the events that are happening. I try to keep it well rounded around these parts, there will be some fashion, relationship and fuckery topics soon... I prooooomiseee

So, as I was saying: If you wont... SOMEBODY will

This came from a conversation had at my house last week. My sister got a message from her friend asking about oral sex. Apparently her friend's boyfriend doesn't like the way she is "rocking the mic" (sadly, my old boss is the one who came up with that term... lol... no, we weren't getting busy in the bedroom, we just had a liberal office and my other boss, she bought me my 1st vibrator, smh... Long live 100.3 The Beat) and wanted to know if "rocking the mic" was a common task. I told her to tell her friend... if she wants to keep him around she'd better take a deep breath and hop to it because if she doesn't.... (you get it). Oh, this does go both ways. So fellas don't think you won't have to... get over it, close your eyes and stick out your tongue.

After some back and forth about it, we came to one simple conclusion that goes all the way across the board for both men and women: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF IT... if you try to be sexy or cute with it, you WILL fail therefore your girl or man WILL find SOMEBODY else to do it. It's not a picture... STOP POSING!!! I've heard this so many times "I don't want him/her looking at me" and I will tell you this: If you do it right he/she will barely know their own name let alone stare at you. Now, you have to pay for advice so I'm wrapping it up here... tootaloo hehe

P.S.- I know, I know... that picture is so IGNORANT lol

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