Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dumbass Fallback Careers

This particular BAD habit strikes a horrible nerve with me. People who have no "Plan B." Don't get me wrong, if your "Plan A" is full proof, then fine. If your "Plan A" makes sense, then fine. If your "Plan A" requires rigourous training and a demand for the position, then fine.

BUT some of you who want to be rockstars and basketball players either have no "Plan B" or the dumbest fall back careers I've ever heard of in my entire LIFE. Don't hope to be the next Kobe Bryant and if that doesn't work, you want Dave Stern's job. WTF?!?!?! Or If you don't make it to the NFL you are gonna become a Rocket Scientist. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? So in between practices you were in the lab creating jet fuel?!?!? Rocket Science isn't something you just decide, "Oh I got an 'A' in Biology in the 10th grade and an 'A' in Chemistry my senior year."

I understand some of you believe your mixtape is THAT HOT but everybody WILL NOT sell out Madison Square Garden in 10mins. How bout, you stay in the same field and just go into a different sect of it. You love fashion but you're 27 and haven't seen a check for the last 97 photoshoots you've done, well maybe you can be a stylist or makeup artist. Just as long as you don't say "Well if I don't do this modeling, I'm gonna be a singer" That is NOT a fallback career! Fallback careers are practical and attainable! People with DUMBASS fallback careers DESERVE to FALL!

Note: If you don't understand the picture, chances are you have a dumb ass fallback career. Read a book and plant a tree (stop global warming!)

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