Thursday, January 28, 2010

Five Guys... and ME

LOL, no I wasn't in some wild ass orgy over the weekend but I did live with 5 guys for a week in Texas. By far one of the most interesting experiences. I got high for the first time (and almost died), drank lights, darks & wine all in the same night (and almost died), and starved half the time (and almost died). Okay, I didn't almost starve to death because I made enough tacos to feed Hati BUT I did almost get kidnapped at a club. Aside from all my near death experiences, gambling, drugs (weed IS a drug), alcohol, finding out that women (well I guess just me) are territory that needs to be claimed (I have 900 new boyfriends now) and talk of sex with groupies, I did have fun. There definitely needs to be a camera in that house. You can see the evolution of bull shit. Debates that serve no purpose involving ficticious situations. Apparently Oprah is gonna buy Martin Luther King. This is REALLY a topic, not an example. FUCKERY, right?!?!?! It's safe to say I will be back soon

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