Friday, January 29, 2010

The Drought

I have made a conscious effort/ decision NOT to have sex until I am in a relationship, or atleast til I find someone I wont mind being in a relationship with. Even though this decision is becoming expensive (2 broken vibrators, 100+ batteries, 16 downloaded porn videos to my phone, and Rosetta stone because I'm gonna learn a new language to keep me busy) I am gonna stick with it because there is NOTHING like sex with someone you're comfortable with. You can do all of the lil sick things that goes on in your mind without feeling like you're being judged or you're gonna be the next topic of discussion. I don't need pictures, videos, panties or stories about me getting out on the evening news, so I have to wait. That and its a lot easier to do it often if you have a go to person without question. The problem with just a F&$K buddy is that at any given time either person can get somewhere AND at any given time one of the other people can change their line up. Then you have to start ALLLLL over again. You gotta reteach someone what you like, what you don't like, take your time in doing the real freaky shit... it's just too much. Plus no one spends that much time with a F&$K buddy to be able to do it any and everywhere. So... until I find someone permanent or could be (I say could be because I once I find that person I may need to test drive prior to signing the paper) I will have to find an indestructible vibrator with rechargeable batteries.


  1. From the beginning to end I thought this was quite interesting but yet true AND not only for the ladies. Us guys tend to feel the same way. There are some things you just cant be open with and share/do things with to JUST ANYBODY. So we look for that significant other OR someone thats gonna be around for a while and trustworthy not to bring complications involved (if u know what I mean). UNFORTUNATELY we dont have self pleasuring toys, such as vibrators or even taking cold showers to sooth the need for sexual pleasure for a while. Some men, like myself, cant even masturbate and get off :( so its even worse for us! But I definitely feel you on the find that 1 to be able to open up and feel comefortable doing the most freakiest thoughts that run across your mind even live out fantasies! Well..until then, we must try and be strong and wait for that 1 to come about! (Only GOD knows how tormenting this may be)
    @Wade_365_Ent (twitter)

  2. Wow... that was well writen! Dont steal my thunder BUT there are some male pleasure toys that can help the fellas pass the time. I'll write a blog about it soon. In the mean time, its an abstinance movement!!! I'm proud of everyone who held out, is planning to etc... but ohhhhhhhhhh when I find "HIM" smhhhhh.... that's all I'll say lol