Friday, January 22, 2010

Child Protective Service Should Crack Down...

There are somethings that are just WRONG... people who name their kids' names that are actually just words (Chandelier, Vase) , people who spell their kids' names EXACTLY how it sounds (Mahlayshah), people who try to make their kids' names funky and different by throwing in silent letters that arent silent (Apxril {April}, Psummer {Summer}), people who use the exception to the rule as the rule (Shawn spelled as Chan as seen spelled Chantel. Chantel would be the exception not THE RULE), oh if don't have a drop of Asian in your blood, don't name your baby "Ming" and the one I all time LOATHE is people just CREATING their own unisex name. Just because one dumb ass decided to name their daughter Kevin, Michael or Brandon doesn't make any of those names unisex. They are BOY names that someone reckless named a little girl. This also falls under names that ARE unisex that SHOULDN'T be. If you told me Tracy, Courtney and Ashley were on the way I would not expect three grown ass men to walk in. It's just not right. If you birthed a boy, give him a boy's name. Don't get me wrong, there are names they go for both sexes like Aaron/Erin, Alex & Tony/Toni. However, that doesn't mean all of then can go both ways. So, for the sake of the future stop MAKING up names, using words that you like as names, adding extra shit to regular names to make it "unique" and any other random foolishness possible.Add Image

Here is where making names get's you: A young woman who couldn't read or write very well (yet still had a decent understanding of how letters work) decided to name her son Shi'Thead. The problem was Shi'Thead is Shit Head... STOP trying to be different before you accidentally name your kid some shit (Literally).

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