Monday, December 7, 2009

Retail HEROIN!!!

Okay... in order to kill time so I wouldn't have to sit in traffic, I went to the mall. As I'm walking around I wander into a store and this brainwashing sales lady somehow got me out of my boots and into a dressing room. Next thing I knew I was buying a damn dress. Luckily it was only about 30 bucks. While I was there I figured I might as well try to find my NYE dress.

Of all the stores in all the world, I wandered into the store where the employees were obviously trained by Hitler! The power of persuasion is a BITCH! How they managed to get me to change my ENTIRE vision of what I wanted to wear I will never know.

Not only did they get me to try on a dress I didn't even like to begin with... I BOUGHT IT! They doubled teamed me like Kobe in a play off game! I was even more pissed because the customer in the next dressing room jumped in too. Lady, stay on your side of the curtain unless you putting in on my purchase!

So now I have 3 women in my ear, with this magical lights that made me look like Victoria Beckham, knowing damn well when I left the house I needed my hair, eyebrows and everything else done! THEN they tell me about the 20% sale! Evil WITCHES! Now, as I walk over with my expensive ass dress that I have somehow come to LOVE... I'm on the phone transferring funds! Keep in mind... I still have no official destination for NYE/My Bday. Help Meeeee... Damn you sales people!!!

A Retail Addict

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