Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ain't This Some SHIT!!!!

Soooo, last night, after I got off work I headed home to jump on skype, sadly skipping the gym. Well I got home, threw my duffle bag in my room and headed to my bathroom. After I unloaded my heavy lunch I went to flush the toilet and to my dismay, the water came up instead of going down. I prayed the water stop and sure enough it did, right at the top. THANK GOD! So I go to plunge the toilet with an attitude because I haven't been home in DAYS and that wasn't enough to clog the toilet. Bringing me to the conclusion, someone had their ass in MY bathroom, filling it with "brown brothas."

Plunging my life away and I haven't done anything but work up a sweat as I stare at a toilet full of what looks like shredded beef. I'm late for my skype chat and I'm playing in SHIT!!! At this point, the only words I could string together were words were just as foul as the situation. Meanwhile I gotta figure out how to get the nasty water out of the toilet. So I grab a baby wipe bucket and get to scooping... ewwwwwwwww

My friend calls me and says "What are you doing? Why aren't you online" and my response? "I'm digging in shit" and he says "huh? You got a shovel? Farmer?" but no "I'm literally DIGGING IN SHIT." I proceed to explain my story and continue to try to fix this problem.

FINALLY, I get most of it out so that I can plunge... welp, I wasn't sure if the water was on or not and the only way to find out was to FLUSH the toilet. So, I do and sure enough... the toilet filled right back up to where I started. So here I am shoveling the same shit I JUST did (and NOBODY could have told me about my toilet? Leave a note or text?!?!?!)

After I finish I wanna clean the bathroom to shower BUT there's a smiget of bleach and no drain o! So I have the shit remains in my toilet and a nasty bathroom!!! So now I can't shower. After a few calls and my friends telling me they didn't wanna skype me or talk to me on the phone, I call my cousin to bring home bleach and drain o, then ask to uses his bathroom to shower in. After an hour of fishing out shit TWICE, I finally get to shower.... hmmm Great day for suicide!

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