Friday, December 4, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen.... My 1st Post!!!

Well, 2009 was an interesting year. I got a raise at work, then I got laid off. I moved to Puerto Rico, then I got sent packing. I attempted to start a magazine, then decided to sell drugs but I couldn't figure that one out... I was sad. So, I moved out of my apartment and in with my cousin. He's on S.W.A.T. so my first week living there was like going to ninja school. I needed to learn all the rounds in certain guns, how to load them, where they were etc etc. Keep in mind, we live in the OC. A steel gate to get in the front door and you have to swim through a lake to get to the backdoor, why we need 63 guns... I'll never know. Then I got a new job that is far as hell but they gave me a laptop. Somewhere along my drive to work I decided I want to go back to school for law... So, here I am blogging about the fuckery that is my life. All of the above was said in humor and sarcasm... I just have a dead pan sense of humor... I'm laughing on the inside. You'll see in the video blogs.... Alrighty love you bastards who tuned in... this will be fun.... ahhhhhhhkkkkkaayyyyyyyy

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