Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Games We Play

I seriously have a problem. I am very possessive when it comes to certain people. See, there is this guy... we have this weird on again, off again, cat (Tom) & mouse (Jerry) type situation. There is flirting (sometimes blatantly and painfully obvious) and we've even partied in each other's pants but we're never on the same page. So, he does him and I do me but if we're ever in the same room the WILDEST behavior goes on.

NO, not what you're thinking. We don't speak that much (doing a good job of covering up this "thing" we have) BUT don't let him talk to someone else, I get real bent out of shape (privately though.. I can't have public outburst). Mind you, more than likely I am talking to someone else at the very same time but as far as I'm concerned, I've pissed on my tree so he will forever be MY property.

Before you all write me off as being crazy, last time we were at a party he did the same thing I do... BUT he acted on it. He was all in some chick's face and I was doing me (gotten over the whole "This Man Belongs To:" thing) but when he saw me conversing with someone else, and he acted a plum FUCKING fool all in front of mixed company (it was just 5 of us when he went psycho). Why do we play this game?!?! Keep in mind we only talk to each other a few times out the month so, I highly doubt trying to pursue a relationship would work because we only want each other when the other is being pursued by someone else, that and neither one of us takes the other seriously. Hmmmm what to do... what to do...

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