Sunday, December 13, 2009

Freaky Behavior

Hmmmm... seems like the title got you in here huh? Well, its not about what you think it is, at least its not my intention, but who's to say where this blog will end up (I'm not the drafting type... I just type). I just got finished having a discussion about my freakishly odd habits and hang ups. There are somethings in MY life that have NO explanation what-so-ever...

*Green food freaks me out! If you ever put guacamole on my plate I will have a fit

*Do NOT put ice in my fountain drinks! It pisses me the hell off. The machine was designed to keep the drink fairly cool. I don't need tap water ice taking up space!

*Dirty dish water!!! WTF pre-wash dirty dishes before you put them in a sink. There is NOTHING more gross on the planet than nasty dish water... UGH. That can cause a DIVORCE in my book.

*Don't give me ANY giraffe paraphernalia! I HATE them for a multitude of reason. I have unfriended (I know, its not a word) people because they tried to do that shit as a joke. TRY ME!

*I don't like repeating myself. I will speak to you in the MOST disrespectful tone with the blank face to match if I have to repeat myself.

*I REALLY hate when old friends or flames from years ago swear they KNOW you. Seriously, you don't.

*I don't mind sharing but DO NOT put your FUCKING fingers in my plate! I don't give a shit if you are paying! I once had thoughts of stabbing someone in the hand with my fork when this happened.

* (This is a VITAL one) Don't use up all my baby wipes... I WILL kill you. I use them for EVERYTHING. The oddest thing I use them for is bathing. I have a loofa for my body and 2 baby wipes, one for my vagina and the other for my ass. This way I can dispose and not have to worry about bacteria from the air getting on the "wash rag" and into my lady parts.

*I can't sleep barefoot... I CANNOT do it. I will spend all day in sandals, come home, shower and put socks on.

... and I think that's it for my odd behavior

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