Monday, December 21, 2009

Four Raspberry Lemon Drops

"Blame it on the Ah Ah Ah Ah Alcohol. Blame it on the VODKA..."
- Jaime Foxx

On Saturday I went to a lounge for a friend's birthday with my best friend and her cousin. After we had been at the lounge for about 30 mins we had to high tail to another party at a club (can't tell you the last time I stepped foot in a club). Since the club closed at 2am we only had an hour to get it in. From the time we stepped foot in the club we had two drinks in each hand. The joys of being pretty?!?!? LOL

Well after four Raspberry Lemon Drops (hence the title), some people start to look pretty damn good in the right lighting. True Story. As we headed for the door one of the 87 people got extremely bold and wanted to "Rock out with their Cock out" aka gave the green light aka the "what are you doing AFTER the club, AT 2 IN THE MORNING" speech. Oh and just so you know, it wasn't a stranger... 4 lemon drops don't FORCE you to become a slut. Whorish behavior comes from within hehe

After all the dropping off friends and running here and there... those lemon drops wore off, the party in my pants shut down and thus, I had to rethink that proposition. Now with a sound and sober mind... "Ohhhh HELL NO!!! Shittin ME!!!" Quick thinking "One of the girls can't find her keys. Sorry can't come by," headed to Jack In The Box and passed out on my best friend's couch.

I think my limit is 3 Lemon Drops

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