Monday, December 7, 2009

Chuck... CHUCK BASS!

I am a Gossip Girl fan. Been one since it started and PROUD of it. For some odd reason, in it's 3rd season Ed Westwick's character Chuck Bass turns me on. Its something about his brooding that starts a party in my pants. He's just so MANLY and *faints*. Sorry, flashbacks of tonight's episode. The point is: We (all 88 of us, me and the 87 people) like the new Chuck Bass. From the suits, to the walk, to the voice... what we wouldn't do for that Klondike Bar!

Chuck (Season 1)

Mr. Bass (Season 3)

See what I mean?!?!? Looking for the real life Chuck!!! FYI: Comes on Monday's at 9pm on the CW

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