Monday, December 28, 2009

Blind Date Jitters

I have been on I think one official blind date. Didn't go so well... he kept saying he wanted to tie me up and kept tryna feed me. Of course I had the *phone rings* "Hello? Something bad happened? Where are you? You need me to come NOW?!?!? I'm on a date can it wait? No? Okay, here I come!" and that was the last I heard or talked to his weird ass. Well, recently a friend of mine said he has a friend that I will like. Saw a pic of him and honeyyyyyyy I'm on board! I have a type... all my friends know it too. One glance and they will know if I'm rolling. Welp, he's just like I like em... tall and light. Ordinarily it wouldn't phase me one way or another, type or not but this one right here is a special circumstance. I'm looking at the calender EVERYDAY *Katt Williams voice* because I'm kinda pumped!

Like every woman, I've gone through my entire wardrobe in my head to figure out what I wanna wear. Unfortunately half the stuff I wanna wear isn't in my closet, like most women. So, like most women... "A hunting we will go... A hunting we will go... high ho the dairy-o... A hunting we will go"... Online shopping and put a rush delivery on it!

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